12 Wasted Years

Video/VHS, PMI
October 1987

Iron Maiden line-ups 1979-1986

"From their conception in London's East End in 1975, to signing with EMI in
December 1979, to playing major stadiums all around the world in the eighties,
Maiden's progress to the top of the rock world has always been stylish,
interesting and LOUD.

This video follows the path with interviews and live footage which have rarely
been seen before. Home videos from the very beginning at the Ruckin Arms, early
Marquee performances, footage from The Beast On The Road Tour, right through to
their latest colossal world tour, interspersed with personal interviews with the
band and key figures in the Maiden story."

Plus excerpts from:
- Drifter (live)
- Prowler (live)
- Phantom Of The Opera (live)
- She's A Roller (live)
- Caught Somewhere In Time (live)
- Run To The Hills (live)
1.Stranger In A Strange Land (video)05:44
2.Charlotte The Harlot (live)04:23
3.Running Free (live)03:29
4.Women In Uniform (video)03:11
5.Murders In The Rue Morgue (live)04:17
6.Children Of The Damned (live)04:33
7.The Number Of The Beast (live)04:54
8.Total Eclipse (live)

9.Iron Maiden (live)04:20
10.Sanctuary (live)05:18
11.The Prisoner (live)06:00
12.22, Acacia Avenue (live)06:33
13.Wasted Years (cut)

14.The Trooper (live)04:31
Total playing time01:30:00

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