The Essential Iron Maiden

Best of/Compilation, EMI Records
July 4th, 2005

A US-only release.
Disc 1
3.The Wicker Man04:35
4.Brave New World06:19
6.The Clansman09:00
7.Sign Of The Cross11:17
8.Man On The Edge04:14
9.Be Quick Or Be Dead03:24
10.Fear Of The Dark (Live)07:52
11.Holy Smoke03:49
12.Bring Your Daughter...To The Slaughter04:44
13.The Clairvoyant04:27
Disc 2
1.The Evil That Men Do04:35
2.Wasted Years05:07
3.Heaven Can Wait07:22
4.2 Minutes To Midnight06:03
5.Aces High04:33
6.Flight Of Icarus03:51
7.The Trooper04:12
8.The Number Of The Beast04:51
9.Run To The Hills03:54
12.Phantom Of The Opera07:08
13.Running Free (Live)08:43
14.Iron Maiden (Live)04:49
Total playing time02:27:39

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