Flight 666 dvd

May 25th, 2009

Double DVD containing the Flight 666 documentary on one disc, and the concert on
the other.

Also available as a blu-ray disc and a limited edition double DVD with stitched
30 page souvenir booklet.

Film running time is 113 mins.

Disc 1
1.Flight 666: The Film

Disc 2
1.Churchill Speech / Aces High05:32
2.2 Minutes to Midnight05:57
4.The Trooper04:01
5.Wasted Years05:07
6.The Number of the Beast05:07
7.Can I Play with Madness03:36
8.Rime of the Ancient Mariner13:41
10.Heaven Can Wait07:35
11.Run to the Hills03:59
12.Fear of the Dark07:32
13.Iron Maiden05:26
15.The Clairvoyant04:38
16.Hallowed Be Thy Name07:52
Total playing time03:25:00

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