Raising Hell

Iron Maiden - Raising Hell

Video/VHS, PMI
May 1994

"On August 28, 1993, metal superstars Iron Maiden and horror illusionist Simon
Drake combined to create the most macabre event of all time: Raising Hell. In
this first and only live rock concert with a horror movie setting, Raising Hell
celebrates lead singer Bruce Dickinson's final performance with Iron Maiden. The
band's electrifying concert performance, taped live at Pinewood Studios, London,
incorporates blood curdling illusions and seventeen classic Iron Maiden songs,
four not seen on the original pay-per-view broadcast. In a 100+ minutes, Iron
Maiden "raises hell" in a performance that will live on forever. "

Soundtrack mixed by Mick McKenna.

This video is now out of print, but it has been put onto DVD and is available
1.Be Quick Or Be Dead

2.The Trooper

3.The Evil That Men Do

4.The Clairvoyant

5.Hallowed Be Thy Name



8.From Here To Eternity

9.Fear Of The Dark

10.The Number Of The Beast

11.Bring Your Daughter...To The Slaughter

12.2 Minutes To Midnight

13.Afraid To Shoot Strangers

14.Heaven Can Wait


16.Run To The Hills

17.Iron Maiden

Total playing time01:53:00

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