Visions of the Beast

June 2nd, 2003

Comes as a slipcase.

Disc 1: Track 1 - 16
- Aces High (Camp Chaos version)
- The Number Of The Beast (Camp Chaos version)
- Futureal (Football version)
- Fear Of The Dark (Rock In Rio) Clip or Full version with 5.1 Sound
- Man On The Edge (Charlie Chaplin Version) (hidden "Easter Egg")

Disc 2: Track 17 - 31
- The Wicker Man (Camp Chaos version)
- Flight Of Icarus (Camp Chaos version)
- Run To The Hills (Camp Chaos version)
- The Trooper (Camp Chaos Version) (hidden "Easter Egg")

It will be also available a VHS version but without the extra features.
1.Women in Uniform03:16
2.Wrathchild (live)03:02
3.Run to the Hills04:02
4.The Number of the Beast05:06
5.Flight of Icarus04:02
6.The Trooper04:31
7.2 Minutes to Midnight06:21
8.Aces High05:12
9.Wasted Years05:12
10.Stranger in a Strange Land05:53
11.Can I Play with Madness03:47
12.The Evil That Men Do04:49
13.The Clairvoyant05:05
14.Infinite Dreams (live)05:54
15.Holy Smoke04:03
17.Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter04:53
18.Be Quick or Be Dead03:30
19.From Here to Eternity03:52
20.Wasting Love05:56
21.Fear of the Dark (live)07:23
22.Hallowed Be Thy Name (live)07:37
23.Man on the Edge04:23
24.Afraid to Shoot Strangers (live)06:47
25.Lord of the Flies05:25
27.The Angel and the Gambler04:15
29.The Wicker Man04:42
30.Out of the Silent Planet04:21
31.Brave New World (live)

Total playing time02:27:23

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