Ed Hunter

Best of/Compilation, EMI Records
July 25th, 1999

This is a 3 disc video game / greatest hits pack. CD 2 includes the setup for
the video game, CD 3 the game itself.

Disc 1
1.Iron Maiden (live)04:28
2.The Trooper04:12
3.The Number of the Beast04:53
6.Fear of the Dark07:19
7.Be Quick or Be Dead03:24
8.2 Minutes to Midnight06:03
9.Man on the Edge04:12
10.Aces High04:30
11.The Evil That Men Do04:35
12.Wasted Years05:07
14.Hallowed Be Thy Name07:14
Disc 2
1.Run to the Hills03:57
2.The Clansman09:01
3.Phantom of the Opera07:09
5.Stranger in a Strange Land05:46
7.Wrathchild (new version with Bruce Dickinson vocals)*02:56
Total playing time01:46:45

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Anonymous said...

This is excellent blog! Iron Maiden 4 Life!!!