The Wicker Man

Single, EMI Records
April 2000

There is a rare US promo version that includes:
01- The Wicker Man (alternative version)
02- The Wicker Man (alternative version - radio edit)
The song has a different chorus.

4 versions of the single exist.

The UK Part I release (cat.-no. UKCDEMS568) is shown below.

UK Part II (cat.-no. UKCDEM 568) has a different cover art and was released as a
clear CD :
1. The Wicker Man (4:37)
2. Futureal (live) (3:01)
3. Killers (live) (4:28)
4. Futureal (live enhanced video)

The European CD single (cat.-no. 7243 8 88656 0 9) has the same cover as UK Part
1. The Wicker Man (4:38)
2. Futureal (live) (3:00)
3. Man On The Edge (live) (4:40)
4. The Wicker Man (enhanced video)

12" Picture Disc (w/ different cover) :
1. The Wicker Man
2. Powerslave (live)
3. Killers (live)

All live tracks from "The Ed Hunter Tour" 1999.
"Powerslave" & "Killers" were mixed by Doug Hall.
"Futureal" & "Man On The Edge" were mixed Kevin Shirley.
1.The Wicker Man04:37
2.Man On The Edge (live)04:40
3.Powerslave (live)07:12
4.The Wicker Man (enhanced video)

Total playing time16:29

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