Maiden Japan

Maiden Japan cover (Click to see larger picture)

EP, EMI Records
September 14th, 1981

Paul Di'anno - Vocals
Steve Harris - Bass
Dave Murray - Guitar
Adrian Smith - Guitar
Clive Burr - Drums

Recorded on May 24, 1981 at The Sun Plaza, Tokyo, Japan.

The 1981 American, Canadian and New Zealand pressings have "Wrathchild" as track
three (track one of side B), and the 1985 Argentinian and Brazilian pressings
also have this track.
Later reissued on CD alongside the Purgatory single.

In 1999, the entire Maiden Japan concert was remastered and released as a
digipak to members of the Iron Maiden fanclub. The full tracklisting is:

1. Wrathchild
2. Purgatory
3. Sanctuary
4. Remember Tomorrow
5. Another Life
6. Genghis Khan
7. Killers
8. Innocent Exile
9. Twilight Zone
10. Strange World
11. Murders in the Rue Morgue
12. Phantom of the Opera
13. Iron Maiden
14. Running Free
15. Transylvania
16. Drifter
17. I've Got the Fire

1.Running Free03:10
2.Remember Tomorrow05:45
4.Innocent Exile04:02
Total playing time17:09

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