From Here to Eternity

From Here to Eternity cover (Click to see larger picture)

Single, EMI Records
June 29th, 1992

This single was also released as:
- Digipack CD
- 7'' postercover
- 7'' cut-to-shape picture disc
- 7'' special etched vinyl

The digipack CD single has a different tracklist:
1. From Here To Eternity
2. Roll Over Vic Vella
3. Public Enema Number One (live)
4. No Prayer For The Dying (live)

Track 4 & 5 were recorded live at Wembley Arena 1990 and mixed by Steve Harris,
engineered by Mick McKenna.

Roll Over Vic Vella is a Chuck Berry cover with lyrics adapted by Steve Harris).

1.From Here To Eternity03:37
2.I Can`t See My Feelings (Budgie)03:50
3.Roll Over Vic Vella (Chuck Berry)04:48
4.No Prayer For The Dying (live)04:24
5.Public Enema Number One (live)03:57
Total playing time20:36

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