Rock in Rio dvd

DVD, Sanctuary
July 16th, 2002

This DVD was recorded live at Rock In Rio festival 19th January 2001.

Here are some technical details for all of you who like to know more about the
stuff on this jewel:

- Region 2 · Formats are Special Packaging DVD - 2 disc set (Concert DVD9 /
Documentary DVD5.) PAL
- South American tour Documentary with subtitles in English, French, Italian,
German, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese
- Band Member Video Biogs - "A Day In The Life" - subtitled as above.
- 24 bit mastered surround-sound: Choice of Full Rate dts or Dolby Digital 5.1
- Animated menus from the design company that brought 'Lawrence of Arabia' and
'The Patriot' to DVD.
- Photo Gallery: 50 Stills with audio commentary from Maiden photographer Ross
- Hidden Easter Eggs ...

24 bit mastered 5.1 surround sound in DTS or Dolby Digital.
Hidden Easter Eggs
Concert: 18 songs - 123 minutes.
50+ minutes of documentary extras including individual band member biogs.
Photo Gallery with voice-over from Maiden photographer Ross Halfin.
Documentaries subtitled in German.
Special Packaging.

1.The Wicker Man

2.Ghost Of The Navigator

3.Brave New World


5.2 Minutes To Midnight

6.Blood Brothers

7.Sign Of The Cross

8.The Mercenary

9.The Trooper

10.Dream Of Mirrors

11.The Clansman

12.The Evil That Men Do

13.Fear Of The Dark

14.Iron Maiden

15.Number Of The Beast

16.Hallowed Be Thy Name


18.Run To The Hills

Total playing time02:55:00

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