17 Numbers by the Beast

Best of/Compilation, Sanctuary
March 26th, 2002

USA only promo CD pressed to promote the soon to be re-released Maiden back
catalogue. The tracks are in chronological order, from The Soundhouse
to Rock in Rio.
1.Iron Maiden (Demo)04:04
2.Phantom of the Opera07:10
4.Run to the Hills03:54
5.The Trooper04:13
6.2 Minutes to Midnight06:05
7.Flight of Icarus (Live)03:43
8.Wasted Years05:08
9.The Evil That Men Do04:35
11.Be Quick or Be Dead03:23
12.Fear of the Dark (Live)06:51
13.Afraid to Shoot Strangers (Live)06:35
14.Man on the Edge04:12
16.The Wicker Man04:36
17.The Number of the Beast (Live)05:02
Total playing time01:19:38

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